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About Kilnlane Dental

From the minute our children are born we worry about them. We start them off on the best food possible, try our hardest to encourage them to eat healthy snacks, understand the dangers of too much sugar in their diet and instil in them the importance of brushing twice daily.

Give your children the best start possible - ensure they receive excellent dental health care from Kiln Lane Dental and TLC. Put your children's dental health in our capable hands and we will nurture a lifelong love of looking after their teeth, mouths and gums.

The healthy eating and brushing skills we learn as children we take into adulthood, so it is vital we teach our children the best, most effective way to look after their teeth and gums.

Children's Membership includes:

  • A dental examination each year
  • An annual hygiene visit
  • Free fluoride treatments
  • Free fissure sealants (if clinically required)
  • Worldwide Trauma Insurance to protect against large unforeseen accidental damage
  • Emergency Callout Insurance should your child need a dentist in an emergency
  • Parental Redundancy Protection for up to 12 months

We also offer extra care and advice for children and teenagers undergoing orthodontic treatment, as braces can make thorough cleaning difficult.

  • keeping your gums strong takes tlc

    The light-touch clinic is our periodontal clinic that is a conveniently local, established and trusted provider of affordable high quality, hi-tech treatment for the prevention of gum disease.

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