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Dental Crowns

Are you looking for restorative dental treatments in St Helens? Look no further than Kiln Lane Dental!

Image of tooth without a crown

Our dental crowns in St Helens are perfect for rectifying dental defects and ultimately improving the appearance of your teeth. The team at Kiln Lane Dental are more than willing to help you to achieve your dream smile, so why not rejuvenate your smile with dental crowns from our expert St. Helens dentists?

If your teeth have weakened as a result of a filling or your teeth are decaying, Kiln Lane Dental can apply a dental crown to improve the quality of your teeth, providing you with extra strength and stability. In addition to this, our dental crown procedures in St Helens can help protect your teeth from any further damage occurring later in life.

Crown fitted to tooth

Kiln Lane Dental can fit tooth crowns over the top of natural teeth to not only improve the look and feel of teeth but to restore the delicate shape of your smile, ensuring a natural look.

You have the option of porcelain, ceramic or gold when it comes to choosing a dental crown, so make sure you choose something suitable!

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