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Dental Implants

Are you looking for dental implants in St Helens?

We can help you to restore your smile, not only improving the shape, size and colour of your teeth, but also improving your oral hygiene, providing you with both an improved look and feel to your smile.

Dental implant in situ

Here at Kiln Lane Dental, we provide high-quality dental procedures to provide you with the most effective results and solution for your damaged teeth. Whether you’re looking for a solution for missing teeth or a permanent replacement for decaying teeth, a tooth implant could be exactly what you need!

For tooth replacement procedures in St Helens, you can expect the implant to be fixed to your natural teeth and provide you with a secure solution for missing teeth. The dental implants from Kiln Lane Dental, St Helens, are made from titanium meaning they can easily fuse with the bone of the jaw, providing you with stability.

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    The light-touch clinic is our periodontal clinic that is a conveniently local, established and trusted provider of affordable high quality, hi-tech treatment for the prevention of gum disease.

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